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Randy's Turf and Tree Doctors Inc.
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The Turf & Tree System

Above and Below the Ground

Promote Strong-Celled Plant Growth

Relieve Stress & Nutrient Deficiencies

Aid in Mycorrhizae Establishment

Increases Resistance to Disease

Build Plant Reserves

We want your Business

Since our Natural Care Programs produce vibrant healthy lawns and landscape plantings, you have much to gain and nothing to lose. All we ask is that you stop using the conventional chemical methods and start using the Natural approach. If we (mankind) don't stop destroying the environment we will surely destroy ourselves.

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Bio- Green some facts from
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What will my lawn look like after the first application?

Usually will green up after the first application. Unless there is some major bonding in the soil that the feeding has to compensate for first once it breaks some of the problems in the soil which could take up to two years it will change it around

What can I do for high traffic compact soils?

If you fertilize with the all natural fertilizer this will help to uncompact soil naturally plus green up the grass plant. The solution most recommend is areation which is short term solution why not do it right the first time. After the lawn is introduced to the microbes, minerals, charged particals that push against each other to help make space in the soil. When the lawn soil is introduced to these proteins and carbohydrates from grains and whole foods, essential primary plant nutrients, ground glacial rock mineral powders, concentrated humus humates, vitamins from plant exracts, soil enhancing beneficial micro- organism that should be in the soil naturally they help to maintain a ecosystem that helps compact soils to loosen up.
Dear Homeowner
Welcome to the world of organic lawn and tree care. While servicing your lawn is our business, we are helping homeowners make informed and intelligent decisions about what you allow to be applied on your turf or trees from service companies or possibly you have applied in the past. It is legal in the U.S.A. to apply pesticides which kill life. Cancer causing pesticides applied are biodegradable. "Bio-degrade" simply means to change from one toxic substance into another, the latter often more threatening than the original. Integrated  pest management means to use pesticides as one determines necessary, even repeat applications. There are other choices for lawn and tree preservation that are environmentally friendly. Let us be good stewardships of our Earth and promote life.

With organic lawn and tree care practices we deliver a proactive approach to the plant system and surroundings virtually eliminating the need for pesticide use. One could say "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". We apply "Bio-Energetic" Technology to promote life with natural Earth minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. "Bio-Energetics" mentor plant leaves for food production, teach roots to posses correct nutrients, train soils to obtain magnetic energy and increase beneficial micro organisms all to work in harmony. Did you know compact or too deep of mulch in a landscape does provide a food source for various fungi? Further growth of these fungal life forms thread and mat mulch together so it becomes impervious to water. Rain will simply run off the surface of the mulch and plants dehydrate, despite our well intended effort. Simply penetrate the mulch with a pitch fork, stir and rerake for a fresh new appearance, allowing water to flow through.
As we reflect upon conventional standards in the landscape industry. We should consider other ways to get the job done.
Lawn was not mowed yet early spring
Good 1st season
Better After 2nd year
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With so many companys out here it is hard to know with who to go with. When making a discision on what programs to go with. Here are a few questions that you should ask the person you are interviewing to do your lawn because you are highering them to do a job for you.

1 Are they fully licenced and insured
1 do they have certificate from the state of Illiois to applie fertilizers and herbicides
A letter from a satisfied Customer!

Liz & I both want to thank you for bringing our yard back to 'LIFE'
The crabapple was MAGNIFICENT this year. Our neighbors, who have been here for years, said they had never seen this tree with so many blooms
Thanks for saving a center piece of our landscaping
Dave Richman